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Deb is an educator, a researcher and an all-round interested person who loves travelling to exotic places.

She has almost twenty years’ experience working primarily in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language. Since joining the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University in 2004, Deb has taught students in the areas of English Language, Applied Linguistics and Australian Popular Culture.

In addition, to her current university teaching commitments, Deb actually lives by her university’s motto “Forever Learning” and is now midway through a Ph.D. at Bond University. In an acknowledgement of an increasingly digital world, her thesis is investigating the factors that influence how teachers use and respond to digital textbooks in higher education.

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Susie is passionately curious about new approaches, particularly in agile and imaginative thinking, which are necessary for an increasingly diverse, dynamic and challenging workplace.

As a Senior Teaching Fellow, in the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University for more than thirteen years, Susie teaches within the specialist areas of Advertising and Marketing Communication and Gender Communications. Her qualifications include Graphic Design and a Masters in Business Administration and her experience has spanned publishing, PR, Advertising and business in Australia and the UK.

Susie’s determination to understand the world around from both ‘why” and “why not” has led to her current research that explores curiosity, creativity and play in higher education.

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Janet is fascinated by all things design and has been for as long as she can remember.

Her background includes a degree in fashion and subsequent industry experience and award recognition for women’s clothing. Fashion design led to graphic design, which progressed into a Master of Multimedia Design from Bond University. Janet has taught design at Bond University since 2001.Through the Faculty of Society and Design her current subject areas are art direction, portfolio design and introduction to coding for non-programmers.

Janet’s love of design has also led to a Ph.D. study through which she is investigating the assumptions people make about design and how they perceive its value to the economy. Her publications include research on teaching project management and production to diverse learners and the importance of design in society.

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