Why Macrocentrics?

Our joint backgrounds reflect an eclectic mixture of our work and life experiences, education, creative skills, passion for thinking and design, love of learning and energetic commitment to curiosity and the lifelong pursuit of discovery.

There are a number of ways we view our world….

An egocentric view is one in which we see how the world revolves around us, with us being the centre of that world.

Allocentric views allow us to see the world through the eyes of others and help us to develop empathy.

Microcentrics, the minutiae of detail, requires that we drill down with microscopic focus to understand the infinitesimal details that are the building blocks of everything.

Macrocentrics –(the big picture) describes how what each of us does affects or impacts on others. This view requires us to be part of the main picture whilst also being able to observe objectively from OUTSIDE the picture.

So, why have we chosen to be macrocentrics?

Because we decided to create a place where different kinds of scholarship, creativity, imagination, applications, creations and diverse perspectives could find a home and become vital elements of that larger picture…

We look forward to making the journey with you.
Susie, Deb and Janet